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Complete procedure on how to open and save FL Studio Mobile’s FLM project file

How to open and save FLM project file of FL Studio Mobile

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Right now FL studio mobile is the best app for editing voice or audio on mobile.
This app has 100 times more features than eight to ten voice editing apps.
With this app you can do everything from editing voice to composing a song. And you can share the wealth you produce with your friends or sell them in the market and for that you have to save your wealth as a FLM project file. You can share a FLM project file with someone and that person can open and edit that FLM file in the FL Studio app on their mobile or add and adjust that tune to their song.

How to save FLM file from FL studio mobile app.

For this you need to open FL Studio mobile app on mobile first.
You need to open your project file then click the App icon in the top right side.
Now you have to click the save option.
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Then a new pop-up window will open where the first option will be selected FLM and this option will be selected. Now you have to click the safe button.
If you do this, your FLM project file will be saved on your device.. You can share this with someone from your memory if you wish and they can upload this file and customize it for their own use.

How to upload or import FLM files?

To do this, you must first submit a FLM project file and if it is zipped, unzip it.
If one adds their voice to create a custom FLM project file, it will be a folder, and if FLM Studio creates a FLM project file using the voices within Mobile, it will only be A FLM project will be file.
Now to import a project folder or file in your FL Studio mobile app, you first need to go to your phone’s File Manager app.
Then you need to copy your project file or folder.
Open the FLM user files folder. Then you have to copy folder or file in my songs folder.
Folder name Shortcut => > Internal storage > FLM user files > Paste my songs <= here
You still have to go to FL Studio mobile app to file manager.
open FL studio mobile app. now click app icon on top side. Here you will find your FM file or project of the same name.
Click on the project file. Now this project has been imported to your FL Studio mobile app. Now you can customize and adjust this project file as you wish.
More details in the video
Video here
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