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How to add custom domain in blogger step by step?

I hope everyone is well and enjoys reading this informative article today.
In the last post I taught you how to open a simple blog site and make general changes. Link
Today I’m going to teach you how to add a custom domain to your blog site.
What is a custom domain? What is the host? What are the benefits of a custom domain?

Rules for adding a custom domain in a blogger:

Step 1: Blogger

  • First log in to blogger.
  • Open the slidebar option.
  • Click on the menu for arrangements.
  • Look out for the publishing section.
  • Click on Add Custom Domain.
  • Enter your domain name ( www.example.com ).
  • Click on the save button.
  • Now a new window will open. There will be two ‘names’ and two ‘goals’.
  • Have to copy them. There will be a link of 4 IP cards, open the link and
  • copy 4 IPs.

Step 2: Domain provider dashboard

  • Log in to the domain providing dashboard.
  • Click on add new record.
  • Now paste the text copied from ‘name’ on ‘lost name’ in the blogger.
  • Select ‘Name’ in ‘Record Type’.
  • Paste the copied text from ‘Destination’ in the address bar.
  • Repeat the above three steps and paste the second ‘name’ and
  • ‘purpose’.
  • For 4 IP addresses, click ‘Add New Record’, type ‘@’ in ‘Lost Name’,
  • select ‘Name’ in ‘Record Type’ and paste IP address in ‘Address’ bar.
  • Like this, paste 4 ip one by one and save.
  • Go back to blogger again and repeat steps 1-7 of 1.

Note: Adding the custom domain will take some time.

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