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How to insert audio in FL Studio mobile app?

How to input audio into fl studio mobile app?

FL studio mobile is a very popular and very powerful app for editing audio on mobile.

Features of FL Studio mobile app

Best mobile app for voice editing is fl studio mobile. There are tons of tunes and tons of tunes for vocal modifications. Furthermore, there are numerous professional tools available for DJ mixing. It has voice changing features. You can convert male voice to female voice and female voice to boy voice with FL studio mobile app.
Drums, keyboards, tabla, guitar with essential sound effects for mixing. This can control BPM. Here you will find all the tools for professional audio editing. I like the audio quality of this one.

How does fl studio input audio?

1. Select the audio song
2. Copy or move the song
3. Select the inside storage
4. Open a folder called “FLM User Files”
5. Then open the “my songs” folder
6. Stick your own song on.
At that stage, your song is being inputted into the Full Studio mobile app.

How to Input Audio in FL Studio Mobile App.

Now, how to find an input song?
1. Open full studio mobile app.
2. Create a project you want to use a song in, or take a new blank project if you don’t have one.
3. Then click on the plus icon and select “Audio Clips”. If you have an old project, click ‘+ Clips’ in the audio section.
4. “Select “”My Files”””.
5. Then open the “my songs” folder.
6. Choose your own song.
Wow, very easy song input and song joined the studio.

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